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"Corona Rules" 2020

The following rules are based on the current CoronaSchVO NRW and were adapted to our event format in close cooperation with the responsible authorities in Arnsberg.

The measures are very moderate. Decisive for this:

This year, access to the event site is ONLY permitted to participants registered online and their accompanying persons (who must also register online in advance, for free). All participants and accompanying persons have to fill out and sign the questionnaire on the SARS-CoV-2 risk including the disclaimer and bring it with them. Other spectators will not be admitted.

Enclosed are the details for the different situations. They are also available for download as print version (PDF)

Access to the event & contact tracing:

  • Access to the SGV grounds is only allowed to registered athletes and their accompanying persons. All accompanying persons must also register online in advance. Click here to register.
  • All participants (TN), accompanying persons (BG), helpers and employees are obliged to fill out and sign the questionnaire on the SARS-CoV-2 risk and bring it with them (no participation in case of unexplained symptoms etc.) If one of the items cannot be confirmed, the person is not allowed to travel. You can find the questionnaire here for download.
  • Persons with visible and audible respiratory diseases will be kept away from the event, unless they have been diagnosed by a physician as having a clarified cold or similar, and will be excluded after examination of the facts.
  • In case of suspicion during the event, the athletes and accompanying persons may be prohibited from further participation and may be called upon to leave the premises.

Basecamp (SGV outdoor area)

  • In the Basecamp small groups of up to 10 people can stand/sit together without a mask/ minimum distance. If it gets too crowded, please move a little distance (to other groups) or put on a mask.
  • You can - as before - set up your seating groups in the area.

SGV-Youth Hostal (Indoor):

  • In the premises of the SGV-Jugendhof the protection and hygiene concept of the SGV applies: regular hand washing, distance rules, wearing a mouth-nose cover except at the table, place, in the room.


  • Update: there won't be individual time slots.
  • Registration takes place in the large seminar room, which is regularly ventilated.
  • When entering, mouth and nose cover is mandatory for TN/BG.
  • TN/BG receive a wristband, which entitles them to stay on the premises
  • Since we install a separating foil, the volunteers can do not need a mouth-nose cover.

Briefing (duration approx. 30min):

  • Takes place as usual in the large dining room. Since the minimum distance of 1.5m is not possible and the group is large, the wearing of a mouth-nose cover is mandatory for all present during the briefing.
  • The presenters are allowed to take off their mask if the minimum distance to other people is kept.
  • The briefing takes place with open windows to ensure ventilation.
  • In case of relays the team captain is present in the room. The other members can follow the briefing directly next to the room under the shelter.


  • We start as usual TOGETHER.
  • As the minimum distance is not possible, the wearing of a mouth-nose-cover is mandatory at the start.
  • After leaving the central event area, when the TN-field spreads apart, the mask can be taken off.
  • Running in the terrain there is no mask obligation and you can be run in groups of up to 30 people.


  • Access to the self-service buffet/drink point is only allowed after prior hand disinfection. Appropriate dispensers will be set up.
  • At the buffet counter, the wearing of a nose and mouth cover is mandatory. We kindly ask you to leave a little distance from the counter after the self-service with the food.
  • Since we install a partition (separating foil) at the counter, the volunteers at the buffet do not need to wear a mouth-nose cover.


  • In the evening there are 2-3 lectures in the large seminar room of the SGV-Jugendhof.
  • The hygiene and protection concept of the SGV applies (in the house mask duty, at the place distance or mask duty)
  • The practical workshop "Running with sticks" (outside), is also possible without distance/mask obligation with max. 30 persons.


  • There are no shared showers available. The participants shower either in their rooms or in other individual showers provided in the Jugendhof.

(Self-)responsibility & sanctions

  • Everyone who is on the premises may be friendly but determined by the volunteers, other TN/BG, employees of the SGV or DRK to be advised to observe the rules.
  • The public order office will definitely stop by. We should not give any reason for discussion or worse.
  • In case of disregard of the mentioned rules, TN/BG can be disqualified and expelled from the premises. But... everything will be fine.
  • We ask you to refrain from discussions or criticism of the measures. Stay relaxed and polite. The volunteers take the biggest risk during the event. They deserve our greatest thanks and respect! If any of this is too stupid, inappropriate, over- or understated, we ask you to refrain from participating this time.

We assume that you as an athlete (and your companion) have an above-average sense of responsibility and health awareness for yourself and others and that you will observe and implement the rules imposed by the organizer in a disciplined manner. Let's have a great weekend that does not provide any starting points for stress.