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The Festival Concept

TRAILDORADO is a community event
Getting great things on their feet together

In contrast to profit-oriented event agencies, this event thrives on the participation of as many like-minded people as possible. The TRAILDORADO core team works many hours in its spare time and with heart blood on organizing the event. And without sponsors, who provide us with a great infrastructure. The festival fee is used to cover the costs for event organisation, permits, house, etc.

Volunteers can get involved in the organisation and PR in advance and actively participate in the implementation on the event weekend. Runners can participate as speakers and report on their best running experiences or share their expertise with others in practical workshops.

The more lively it is at our base camp, the more beautiful it is for everyone. Some participants bring their instruments with them or invite musicians to perform. Some registered runners offer to help in between or during the breaks. That's great. The more people take part, tackle, talk about it, motivate other friends and acquaintances to drop by, the better.

Because, a little bit it is also like a "bottle party for runners". We from the TRAILDORADO team are grateful for your ideas and initiatives.

TRAILDORADO is a sporting challenge AND a relaxed event
Experienced runners, hikers and beginners are welcome!

Admittedly, at our legendary 24h-Trailrunning Festival you can get your ass kicked. The terrain is beautiful and for a 24-hour day and night challenge also nice and crisp. If you want to achieve a good ranking or start for victory, you will find a real challenge here. But, just as welcome are pleasure runners and hikers who perhaps only want to do a few laps, enjoy landscape, talking with running mates, as well as beginners who want to get a taste of the trail and ultramarathon air.

Anyone who is already familiar with 24-hour runs knows that running is decelerated pleasantly per se due to the long duration, that the boundaries to walking/hiking are fluid and that a relaxed atmosphere spreads out as a result. After a certain time, beginners who have 24 km on thir watch do their laps with the cracks, who have already 54 km behind them. You run a bit together, get into conversation, exchange ideas, smile...

TRAILDORADO is also a party
Good mood, contacts & sociability

Admittedly, it is delightful to organize our legendary 24h-Trailrunning Festival. We see the running/hiking, also the ambitious being on the way, more as a party than as a competition. This should be celebrated! Yes, we also want to celebrate the fact that we can pursue such a beautiful hobby with every step and a smile on our face (instead of, as all too often said about runners, doing our rounds more or less doggedly or panting after some times).

But running/hiking is not everything in life. It's nice when there's room for other things as well. With our lectures and workshops we want to strengthen the exchange among each other, especially to inspire beginners and less experienced athletes. And who knows what happens spontaneously when our DJs or musicians turn up the controls. We are always happy to have a nice party at the track. Let's go!

2013 was the grandiose first edition, and now...

We started in 2013 for the first time. Some of the great, legendary races of the world started with only a few people and are now an integral part of the scene. Who knows how TRAILDORADO will develop. The feedback so far in the following years has been overwhelmingly positive. Some even think that TRAILDORADO has the potential to become the "Woodstock of trail running". We find the idea very sexy and that would come close to our vision. But as already mentioned, it's a community event that stands and falls with you. Let's make TRAILDORADO a special event together.

German Championship in 24-hour Trailrunning (TRA)

In 2015, TRAILDORADO hosted the first German Championship in 24-hour Trailrunning (TRA). The idea had been maturing for a while, but then it was time. We want to offer athletes with sporting ambitions a special hook and find it charming that "normal runners" can also start at a national championship. We remain true to ourselves and our concept. First and foremost we want to set up a nice community weekend together with you, have fun and promote the exchange among each other. That goes above all together.

The championsship organisation is slim. For the admission there are no qualification norms so far. It is taken into account who starts at TRAILDORADO and has German citizenship. The results are also recorded on the TRAILDORADO certificate. The first 3 places of the women, men and relay teams will receive a medal in the championship ranking. What we do not like is a long award ceremony with all possible age group winners. At such a small, family event, we think it's quite meaningless. And the part quickly lasts longer than the run itself, which can quickly become quite boring.

We are looking forward to seeing you!