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I want to take part

As a runner / speaker

The number of runners at TrailDorado is limited. Registration is open from mid May. Runners who also want to give a lecture/workshop can contact us in advance.

As a relay team
A relay team consists of 4 runners. Only one runner can be running on the course at a time. 24h of team spirit! Registration is to be done by one person, let's call him team captain, who is also responsible for payment and communication with event management. In the booking form you will find a box where you can enter all participants. Please name the team captain first.

As a Visitor (lectures)
If you do not run, but like to visit some of the lectures and workshops, please use the online registration form which will be available here by early May. For this option, the quota is also limited.

Join the TrailDorado Team as Volunteer
You want to support us in organizing and conducting TrailDorado? Great! if it were up to us, you could get started right away. Just send us an email or pick up the phone. We will have a great time!