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I'm more of a beginner, less experienced runner, is Traildorado still something for me?
Definitely!. There are always some beginners. During the weekend we want to promote the uncomplicated exchange between the cracks and the less experienced participants. And the workshops/lectures offer many exciting learning opportunities, especially for beginners. In addition, 24 hour runners are deceleratd per se due to the long duration. Rather slow jogging speed is the order of the day, even for the cracks. You can chat in a relaxed way (most of the time :-) )

Do I have to run or hike 24 hours at a time?
No. Everyone runs really only as much as he wants and can take a break whenever and as long as he wants. Everything works and is great. Besides, there are lectures or workshops at the same time. Some run/hike a few rounds and then go to a workshop or just have fun with friends at the food stand. Others want to run a (half) marathon on Saturday and Sunday, meet some friends in between. Others want to hike through the night. Just do whatever you want and what does you good.

I am an experienced ultra- and 24h runner, do I get my money's worth?
Hell yeah! The circuit is very nice and crisp, if you take it under your feet 24 hours a day and at night. Some ambitious athletes are always present and have the winner's trophy in their sights. Since 2015, we've even been hosting the German 24-hour Trail Running Championship (TRA)!

Can I attend any lecture or workshops?
Yes, the side programme is open to all participants. So you are flexible and can spontaneously enjoy one or the programs during your running breaks as long as there is enough space.

Can I also hike?
Of course. During 24 hour runs and long ultramarathons, walking phases are almost always inserted, which is completely normal. And so the boundaries between running and hiking become blurred. Some of our friends are confessing fast hikers and therefore not much slower than some runners.

Is there a refreshment point?
And yes! Our XXL athlete buffet (also suitable for vegans and vegetarians) is at your disposal 24 hours a day directly at our base camp. If you need variety, brunch or a delicious dinner, you will surely find your luck in the surrounding area.

Can we have a shower on site?

How long is the route? How many meters of altitude does it have?
Approx. 4.1 km with about 130 metres of altitude difference.

Can I park directly at the track?
There are approx. 30-40 parking spaces directly at the house. These are initially reserved for the staff, rescue team and the media guys. Otherwise, there are numerous parking spaces in the immediate vicinity.

Which equipment do I need?
Normal, weatherproof running equipment, suitable for trail and forest running, that will take you reliably through the day and night. If possible, change sets, if you plan several breaks/running sequences.

Is the track illuminated at night?
No. A headlamp is urgently required, as are enough spare batteries.

Do I have to book an overnight stay?
No, but we highly recommend it. The costs for a bed incl. breakfast are very low at 31 EUR/night and even ambitious runners appreciate some power napping in a warm bed. And in bad weather or when things don't go so well, you have it comfortable.

Can I also camp?
Yes, there is a football field right behind the track that belongs to the house. Please contact the house for reservation.

Can we also run together as a relay team?
You will receive ONE race bib and a chip. And you are thenfree to choose your tactics. Maybe you run one by one, changing runner every hour or two. Maybe you want to run all together as long as possible and then take some rest together before heading onto the course again together. Maybe some will run more ofte nor longer than others. Just do what is best for your team. Except taking shortcuts ;-)

Can we rest at the house in between?
Of course.

What age groups, ratings and certificates are there?
Explaining this in the FAQ would go too far. Follow this link: https://www.traildorado.com/index.php?id=2116

Do I get my money back when I have to cancel?
The planning for the event is already in full swing. Approvals will be obtained well in advance, contracts will be concluded, and, and, and. Please understand that we will not reimburse the event fee in case of your cancellation. This is also usual for other races. However, it is possible to transfer your starting place to another person for a rebooking fee of 15 EUR. We recommend that you get an "entry fee insurance". You can find suitable insurance policies on the Internet if you search for the keywords "Finishers protection" or "Entry fee insurance". There are insurances, which insure a single race for only 2-3 EUR, so that you get your event fee refunded completely in case of cancellation. Annual packages (up to 500 Euro entry fee per event) including sports baggage insurance are also available for about 25 Euro. At this point we deliberately do not mention any names, as we currently have no partnership with any of the insurance companies.

Do you still need help?
Yes, if you want to support us as volunteer, just get in touch with us. The more volunteers, the more relaxed the whole thing is for everyone. But anyway it's always a lot of fun.

What else can we do to help you?
Bring real good mood and relaxation, no matter what you experienced the days before or what the weather is like. Bring your music instrument with you, maybe there will be small jam sessions. If you know musicians or bands, ask them if they want to come over. Bring a slide show, a lecture and above all: tell it on! You are also welcome to contribute something delicious for the catering, we have always received great support in recent years and were surprised with home-made rum balls, meatballs, cakes, salads, etc.