Exploring Limits
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Terms & Conditions

No party without rules

With your registration to Traildorado you accept the following conditions of participation:

  • Due to the limited number of participants we recommend an early registration. The participants will be admitted according to the principle "first come, first served".
  • You can only register online on the homepage www.traildorado.com using the corresponding form. After complete registration you will receive a confirmation as well as the account data for the purpose of transferring the event fee. This must be transferred within 7 days, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your registration without comment in order to enable other runners to participate.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entries at its sole discretion and without giving reasons. This happens very rarely, but it happens. In this case the participation fee will be refunded in full of course.
  • Cancellation conditions: In case of non-participation there will be no refund. It is possible to transfer your starting place to another person for a rebooking fee of 20 EUR. We recommend that you get an "entry fee insurance", which costs only 2-3 EUR.
  • If you do not make use of certain services that have been duly offered to you, you will not be entitled to a proportional refund of the event fee.
  • Your participation in all activities is at your own risk. You are responsible for your actions and for your physical and mental health/condition. A disclaimer must be signed before the start or at the check-in. No start without signature.
  • With your registration you confirm that you are in a good general state of health and training according to the requirements of the event.
  • So you check yourself and, if necessary, with the consultation of a doctor, whether you feel up to the demands of the event. The organizer's information on the physical requirements is always given to the best of his knowledge, but without guarantee, as such information is not only subject to subjective assessments, but is also strongly influenced by external circumstances, such as weather conditions. The organizer assumes no liability for disadvantages which arise from the fact that the necessary conditions are not present in the person of the participant.
  • Relay team: A relay team consists of 4 athletes and receives one bib number with transponder. Each relay team will therefore have one runner with a start number on the course. The Team members are welcome to support and cheer on the course. All team members can of course enjoy our XXL athlete buffet at any time.
  • The organizer and his staff/volunteers are not liable for lost or damaged valuables, clothing and equipment.
  • The organizer is not liable for external services as well as damages, accidents, loss, theft and other irregularities.
  • In the event of impairment or loss of the planned services during the event due to force majeure such as inaccessibility of the event location, official orders, weather influences, unindebted loss of service providers or the like, the organizer is exempt from any liability for damages; the contractual claim for compensation remains unaffected. If this results in restrictions for the planned course of events during the event, the organizer is entitled to modify the event in accordance with these laws and to offer equivalent services as a substitute.
  • The organizer and his staff are authorized to exclude you from the race and other program items for medical reasons.
  • If you, your support or friends park your car illegally, the organizer and his staff are authorized to exclude you from the race and other program items.
  • The passing on of the personal bib number to third parties leads to disqualification and further exclusion from the program.
  • You agree that the organizer may use all video, audio and visual material produced during the event free of charge and without restriction for marketing activities or for further communication of the event and that your name, team if applicable, and performance appear in result lists.
  • You agree that we inform you about TRAILDORADO-relevant news.
  • By registering, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted our terms of participation, the data protection notices, and the disclaimer. In the registration form, you must actively confirm this by checking the appropriate boxes.