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800 EUR prize money

05.08.2016 21:51

Let's see whether or when you will win the PHYSIOMED Prize...

Bääm! Insane news: Our partner PHYSIOMED offers 800 EUR of prize money.

For the first time, we have prizes for ambitious starters. Although we are not a commercial event agency, but follow our philosophy of a relaxed and family style community event, we are very excited about this opportunity for the ambitious athletes among us.

The prize money will probably not affect the relaxed party people and the pleasure-runner among you, but let's see what happens with the top runners.

300 EUR is reserved for male and female individuals and 200 EUR for the relay team who first reaches the following result:

  • Women: 42 laps (172km)*
  • Men: 49 laps (201km)*
  • Relay team: 60 laps (270km)*

* Approximate km-information, depending on the actual route

Should there be a tie, a stitch-run is performed.

If in a category, the respective performance is not achieved in one year, the PHYSIOMED prize money remains in the pot and will be added the following year.

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