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Traildorado takes place!

06.09.2020 11:09

Dear TRAILDORADO friends

We have some great news for you!

Yesssss! After the new Corona Regulation NRW came into force this week, we had a long and very good conversation with the responsible authorities in Arnsberg yesterday. Result: our "Corona concept" was very well received. There were no objections whatsoever. The points were discussed intensively and we secured our position several times. That means: our weekend can take place according to the current status!

And the next great news right afterwards: Since we are restricting access to the area this year, only registered participants/accompanying persons are allowed (no other spectators), we cancelled the planned Kids Run, the number of participants is very limited anyway, and almost everything takes place outdoors, the measures are very moderate, so we will surely have a really nice weekend again. The details will be sent to you via email shortly and will also be posted on the website.

First of all for the very fidgety ones: There will be a common start again. There will be a self-catering buffet again. There will be lectures/workshops again. We will have live music again. You can also be in groups, even in the basecamp (start/finish area at the SGV-Jugendhof). If it becomes temporarily too crowded, you will be required to wear masks (e.g. at the start & briefing). Catering/drinks only after prior hand disinfection. At the buffet table mask obligation. In the house the rules of the SGV apply: mask obligation, except at the table/seat/in the room. If there are only a few people at the base camp at night or in between, you don't need a mask as long as there are no big crowds and you keep your distance. You can continue to meet in smaller groups on the grounds, just as you did before. It is important that ALL those present fill out a questionnaire in advance and leave their contact details. As I said, we will get back to you shortly with all the important details, so please let's just be really happy together that our weekend will take place as planned, ok. We like move it move it!

 Mandatory information: It is certainly clear to everyone that the event could be cancelled at short notice due to an official order, if the occurrence of infection does not allow it otherwise. (But the authorities in Arnsberg want TRAILDORADO to take place)


Warm regards


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