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Lectures & Workshops

"Pimp your Run!"

There hasn't been a similar program like that before!

Our lecture and workshop scedule will be expanded in the coming months, it rises and falls with you. If you want to contribute a session, please let us know. The program has two main topics:

Worldwide Running Adventures
Experience reports on global running events, trail & ultra marathons and self-organized trips. The speakers kidnap you in an entertaining way into all corners of the planet. Since it tingles in your feet quickly...

Hands-on Workshops
Short workshops are also being considered on topics related to running, such as introduction to barefoot or trail running, nutrition, mental training, sports massage etc.

The lectures/workshops have a duration of approx. 30-45 minutes. Afterwards the speakers will be available for further discussion. All speakers are active runners themselves and some even participate in TrailDorado as official participants.

After having organized an all-day program full of inspiration and passion during the first years on Saturday and Sunday, we now focus on 2-3 lectures/reports/readings on Saturday evening as well as 1-2 practical workshops (during the weekend).

Have you experienced something great? Come and tell about it!

The lecture & workshop programme for 2020 will be compiled in the near future. If you have a topic you would like to report - great! Simply contact us via our contact form and we will talk about it.


This is some of the lectures & workshops we offered in the past

  • Atacama Crossing, Chile
  • Badwater Ultramarathon, USA
  • Western States, USA
  • Mountain Ultra, Rockies, USA
  • Tortour de Ruhr, Germany
  • The High, India
  • Lappland Ultra, Finland
  • Comrades, South Africa
  • UTAT (Atlas Mountains, Maroc)
  • Lycian Way Ultra, Turkey
  • Runfire Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Applied Sports Medicine
  • Transgrancanaria, Spain
  • The Highland Fling, Scotland
  • 100km of Biel, Switzerland
  • Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Fr/CH/IT
  • Everest Extreme Marathon, Nepal
  • Diagonale des Fous (Reunion)
  • Tor des Geants (Alpen)
  • Triple (& more) Ironman, Germany
  • Injury-free (Barefoot) Running
  • (Self) Sports Massage
  • Outdoor Coordination Training
  • Ice Ultra, Sweden