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Lectures & Workshops

"Pimp your Run!"

There hasn't been a similar program like that before!

Our lecture and workshop scedule will be expanded in the coming days and weeks, it rises and falls with you. If you want to contribute a post, please let us know. The program has two priorities:

Worldwide Running Adventures
Experience reports on global running events, trail & ultra marathons and self-organized trips. The speakers kidnap you in an entertaining way into all corners of the planet. Since it tingles in your feet quickly...

Hands-on Workshops
Short workshops are also being considered on topics related to running, such as introduction to barefoot or trail running, nutrition, mental training, sports massage etc.

All speakers themselves are active runners and have signed up in TRAILDORADO as a runner. The contributions offered are spotted from the TRAILDORADO team and from all the "applications" a high-profile selection is put together.

These are already first lectures some runners want to offer:

A program full of inspiration and passion. So if you can't do them all, there is good reason to come back next year.

Have you experienced something great? Come and tell about it!

We currently provide the lecture and workshop program together for 2019th. If you yourself want to contribute an interesting article, please take over the contact form to contact us.


This is some of the lectures & workshops we offered in 2013-2018

  • Atacama Crossing, Chile
  • Badwater Ultramarathon, USA
  • Western States, USA
  • Mountain Ultra, Rockies, USA
  • Tortour de Ruhr, Germany
  • The High, India
  • Lappland Ultra, Finland
  • Comrades, South Africa
  • UTAT (Atlas Mountains, Maroc)
  • Lycian Way Ultra, Turkey
  • Runfire Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Transgrancanaria, Spain
  • The Highland Fling, Scotland
  • 100km of Biel, Switzerland
  • Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Fr/CH/IT
  • Everest Extreme Marathon, Nepal
  • Diagonale des Fous (Reunion)
  • Tor des Geants (Alpen)
  • Triple (& more) Ironman, Germany
  • Injury-free (Barefoot) Running
  • (Self) Sports Massage
  • Outdoor Coordination Training